Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coffee Table & End Tables Re-do!

After painting a hutch to go in my entryway, I was inspired to tackle my livingroom furniture. It has been with our family for 6 years and they have seen many hot wheel races and monster jams thanks to my son. So needless to say they have seen better days (esp the coffee table). My son prefers to play standing up rather than sitting on the floor like most kids, so everything he does is usually on the coffee table.


First, I primed everything with Valspar White primer.

Then I applied 3 good coats of Valspar Satin La Fonda Copper.

When everything was dry, I added a coat of glaze to the corners and egdes to give it an antiqued look. You can see a tutorial here. Then I applied a thick coat of polyurethane protective spray.



  1. Awesome!!!! I love that you added some distressing also. You did a fab job!!! I love to re-do stuff!!!!

  2. ohh girl, you and I are thinking the same.... only hoping to get mine finished this weekend.

    Awesome job!!!!