Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cartoon Zoo

Finally! I'm finished with the Cat! I had some troubles cutting him out b/c I accidentally chose the wrong size scraps twice. So I gave up and patched him together. So hopefully yours will look better than mine! If you have any ideas on different colors to use for him or any of the others, please share them with me. I'm not really liking the poop brown color of Mr. Friskers here. haha. Cartoon Cat Svg

I was so impressed with Denise's elephant and how well it was divided into three easy pieces to cut that I decided to try one for myself. I went to google and searched for the elephant file that she created hers from and I found even more cartoon animals! So you can look forward to more in the coming days. It's gonna take a little while. The first one I did was a cow (b/c they are my fav animal, don't ask why). It took me 3 hours to convert, but since I'm figuring it out bit by bit, maybe the next one won't take as long. Cartoon Cow svg **Edit: Since I made this cow I realized that I didn't get the feet and head just right with the black outline and the white center, it has since been fixed, so yours will look better than this one. The feet will be all grey with no black line running through them and the head will not have the black line running across under the ears.

I have finally gotten around to making the adorable cartoon elephant that I found on Denise's blog. I love it! I used a greyish blue printed paper for the background and he could not look better! If you want the svg, you'll have to go to Denise's Blog


  1. These are really cute! Thank you! :)
    (Actually, all you're stuff is very cute ;) so thank you again!)

  2. wow! you have been busy! Love all the new stuff esp the cowgirl!