Monday, May 18, 2009

Vote for Me!

Hey everyone! I've entered this craft project into the "Cutest Craft Contest" at the Please click here to vote for me! You can vote once a day!

I made it using a clear glass pendant and a printed stick figure and a little bit o' decoupage. I also made the necklace! I have been giving away a few to friends and they are going to help me "advertise". I've already had 4 orders! I hope this keeps up! I love doing this sort of thing! If anyone would like to order one, they are $10 for a pendant and $5 for the necklace to go with it. I will also be making some with a monogrammed letter behind them soon. So keep an eye out for it! I'll share soon!
This one is a little girl holding a purse with the name Averie.

I also wanted to share with you one of their products. This is my dream! I would love to have this! This is a picture of the Workbox, and you have to go to their website to see the coolest video on how it works. The whole thing folds up, hides the mess, and then easily moves wherever you need it to go on wheels. This is a sturdy piece of furniture which will hold everything imaginable in a beautiful storage space. The Original Scrapbox


  1. I voted for you Tamara! Good Luck Girl! That necklace is adorable!!


  2. I voted for you too! I Love that necklace! It's SO cute! TFS!!

  3. Wow now that is some scrap space. Love it!!

  4. Tamara,

    Throwing all my votes your way - I've withdrawn from the contest.


  5. I was in their last one a few weeks ago, (until I realised it was for USA/Canada) The winner got about 800 votes, imposible for 'normal' people, (They were expecting a few 'maybe' to reach 100) I clicked on the link but couldn't actually find where you are to vote for, have you a number? then I'll vote for you too!

  6. It's okay..Found it, and voted!