Monday, June 8, 2009

A Camping We Will Go...

Well I am very proud of this card. It was my hubby's 26th birthday last Saturday. For a little getaway, we took him camping, so this card is very appropriate for that. All of the images used are from Dustin Pike. My husband told me his birthday card better be "out of this world". In years past, I have always purchased cards, but this year I have begun making them and I'm always showing them to him. So his expectations were set high. However, after he saw the card, he was VERY impressed. He loved it!

It is hard to tell, but most of the card is 3-D. The Happy Bday banner is a sticker.

The gas can was a from a coloring page image that I found on Google. The story below was 100% made up by me, but if you'd like to use it, you're welcome to it!

The reason I told a story was because I could not seem to come up with the appropriate caption. My husband is very much a pyromaniac. Everytime we go camping, he thinks he needs to put some lighter fluid or gasoline on the fire before lighting it. Which 99% of the time is totally unnecessary. So it is a joke in our family.

This was a stamp that I printed and colored and didn't have room for on the front, but it was so cute I had to use it. So I just put it on the back for a little something extra.


  1. Awesome card. knew I shoulda drew a gas can to go along with my camping set...


  2. Oh Tammy.......I LOVE your little card!!!! SO colorful and PRETTY!!!!!!!

  3. How cute! My bf is a pyro too, always busting out blow torches and gasoline for simple campfires... lol

  4. Oh my goodness!! This is too hilarious AND FANTASTIC!!! This card totally has me smiling. You obviously have a lot of creative talent and hope your husband Loved it!! :>