Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hoot! Another Stamp Scavenger Hunt...

Time for another thursday digi stamp freebie scavenger hunt! This card is for my DMIL's birthday next week. She's a big fan of anything concerning owls. You should see her bedroom. Anyways, I created this charming card using Lindsay's Owl stamp. It is only $1.00! And don't forget, until the end of June, Lindsay is giving away a free card kit for every $10 you spend in the store!
This 3-D flower was created using a flower that I had created for an earlier blog post freebie. It is the flower on the pedastel, without the pedastel of course. To make it 3-D I just used the dull side of my Exacto blade and made a bend in each petal. Then I glued them one on top of the other and added a gem. Easy as pie! To create a bunch of these cute flowers at one time, I've included a SCUT file as this week's freebie. There are two files. One is to be printed on patterned paper and the other on solid cardstock. It will make about 32 flowers. I just cut them out, then put them all in a ziplock bag, then while I'm sitting watching tv, I grab the bag, my exacto blade and glue and start assembling. A tip when glueing them together, use the opposite end of your exacto pen (or a pencil eraser) to push down in the center of each layer to glue them together. I find that putting it on a mouse pad or a couch cushion (as is the case while watching tv) it helps to keep the 3D effect when pushing with the eraser or end of the exacto pen.
3D Flower Scut File1 3D Flower Scut File 2

*********Hidden Freebie Alert************

Once again, Lindsay has designed a special stamp for one of us on the design team. On Thursdays, one lucky DT member will have her special stamp available to download free for a whole week. Click on the links below to check out the cool Design Team Blogs and see who has the free stamp this week!


  1. Girl you are just a hoot! :) Love the colors, to me it gives the card a retro feel which I LOVE! -Row

  2. great Owl card, love the bold colors

  3. very cute Tamara, I'm sure she will love it!

  4. Love the torn edge on the stamp! Great effect!

  5. what a fantastic card!! love it!

  6. Great job on the coloring and I love your background paper.

  7. I am loving the coloring on your owl combined with that background paper! The orange, pink and brown combination of the patterned paper is striking, and this owl stamp is another favorite of mine! Your MIL is sure to love this one!