Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog Award from Lora!

Thank you so much Lora for your kind words! Here is what she said: "I love seeing all of Tamara's projects - she has a nice mix of digital stamping and cricut stuff." You're such a sweety Lora! I love your blog too! I check it daily! I am also supposed to share 7 things about myself!

1. I am a Christian. I go to Hickory Grove Church of Christ. I have been attending there since I was born and I love that congregation like my own blood. My husband was converted shortly after we started dating and we've been faithfully attending ever since.

2. The only man I've ever kissed or otherwise ;) is my hubby. We started dating when I was 16 in May of 2000. He joined the Marine Corps in 2003, we stayed together (did the whole long distance relationship thing) and then we got married in November 2004, I moved to NC for a year until he was deployed to Iraq. We had our first child (Travis) about 2 years later. Then when Travis was 4 months old, he was deployed and spent the next 7 months in Iraq. He got out in Dec 07 and we're back in KY now! Whew...what a ride!

3. I think I have a slight tendency towards OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I get it from my dad (who can't help but count telephone poles as he drives, hehe). It has seeped it's way into my crafting. When I learn a new craft, I'm very obsessive over it and often let it consume my life until I have exhausted it.

4. I am the type of person that when I find something new to love (ex: my Cricut, the Twilight Series, ect. ) I can't stop talking about it. My friends and family think I'm nuts. I'm trying to convert everyone to love the same things that I love, but I'm not sure why I do this. I should just leave them alone.

5. I LOVE TWILIGHT! That probably says so much about me, and by saying that you'd think I'm a tween who screams and cries at the sight of Robert Pattinson. But I actually think he's less actractive when he's not part of the movie. So I guess I'm really in love with Edward, not Rob. haha. I've read through the entire series (the books are better than the movie, btw) two whole times. I've seen the movie at least 5 times and counting....

6. Ok...something quirky....I hate popsicles when you get down to the wooden stick. Something about touching it or putting it in my mouth freaks me out. It's like the equivalent to scratching your nails on a chalk board (although that doesn't bother me).

7. I got struck by lightning when I was a teenager. I was sitting on my parent's back porch in a metal lawn chair reading a book. My mom was standing on the edge of the porch. There was an electrical outlet behind my chair with an extension cord laying on the ground between us. The lightning shot past my mom, hit the cord, jumped to my chair, ran through me and then to the electrical outlet. Forcing me to fly up out of my chair and nearly off the porch. WEIRDEST FEELING! I did not get hurt at all, but my mom saw the whole thing. She FREAKED out. The only effects that I felt were my hands were tingling and had red dots on them and my whole body felt charged and jumpy. haha. So that's it! My friends tease me that that was where I went wrong...

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