Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Card Kits I got at a Yard Sale

Lots of cards finished today! I hit up an awesome yard sale of a lady who was getting rid of all of her card making supplies. She had a kit of card making templates and precut items that your just had to assemble. I had so much fun making these! Each card kit had a picture and instructions to follow, so no thinking involved. It was fun even though I didn't use my creative juices!

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  1. Hi Tamara, I have these too, they are from Lisa Bearnson (Founder of Creating Keepsakes Magazine)it was a monthly card kit mailing service that she was selling about 2-4 years ago. I have only put a couple of them together myself. From buying these I realized that I enjoy the Art of making the embellishments and cards myself. But these can be handy for those "quick card" moments! :) krihar