Monday, August 8, 2011

Have you heard of Picnik?

Thanks to Kevin & Amanda's blog, I learned about a FREE little website where you can easily (and fun, might I add) way to edit photos! Here are some examples of what I did with Picnik.

 This was done using their "color boost" feature and a little "vignette" feature which adds the dark edges.

This was done using the "Holga-ish" feature. I love how professional this looks! 
This is a feature called "60's style" Love the old look!

This features is a "soft focus" you choose where you want to focus! 

This change is very subtle! If you notice only he and the swing are in color! 

This is another example of "Holga-ish". 

This is another example of the "vignette" and "color boost" combo with a little "soft focus" added.

I hope you learned a little something. I am not a pro at this, I just learned by playing around with the settings. It is a very easy to use site and a lot of fun to play with! It allows you to save the edited photo directly to your computer. The site is free, however if you would like to use some of their upgraded features, you have to pay. You can try them out for free though! They even have upgrades that allow you to diminish wrinkles, add a tan, add makeup and remove blemishes! Talk about photoshoped! LOL. It is a lot of fun to play with even if you don't choose to upgrade. *BTW, I'm not paid to say any of this, I just love the site!
So go play and enjoy feeling like a pro at editing your photos!


  1. I love Picnik! I use it to make my family into zombies! Here's one of my Picnik creations:
    Thanks for sharing yours! I love the 60's one! I've never tried it!