Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cards Created with Digi-Stamps

I have just discovered digi-stamping in the past 24 hours and already I'm addicted. I've created 4 cards using digi-stamps in that time. Here they are:
This one was created using a freebie digi-stamp from Lindsay at The Frugal Crafter. Thanks Lindsay! It turned out so cute! I have no idea who to give it to, but I love it anyways!

This one was created using a coloring page that I found through Google images. I just shrunk it to fit a card.

The next was created using a digi-stamp from Dustin Pike. I love it! I think this fish is hilarious! The caption says: "Hang in there".

Finally, this one was created for my mom's 48th bday. She's not a fancy person like this flamboyant bird, which is why it is so appealing to me. I found this one through google images as well. I think it is just clipart.


  1. Good Morning Tamara.....THANK YOU so much for the very very sweet comment on my blog!!! I indeed do hope the recipient will love the card!!!! Your message truly touched my heart!!! How cool that your MIL loves owls....I fell it love with this one when Ifound it and it really did cut good!!!! BTW, Your cards are AWESOME!!!! I especially REALLY like the Hang In there one!!! soo super cute!!! I hope you have a very blessed day!!!

  2. these are great cards... Couldn't figure out how to use my fish outta water image, but you did it and a great job too.


  3. What great cards!!! Thanks for sharing, and your fabulous svg files.

    Thanks a lot!