Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Embroidered Looking Freebies

Hey everyone! It is Freebie Thursday! I know I already gave you some freebies yesterday, but I guess you can just get a double dose this week. Enjoy! Here are some pieces that I'm hoping someone can find a use for. I found them on an embroidering website and converted them to SVG files. Floral Corner SVG

Swirly Curly Floral Border SVG


  1. Love the projects on your page. I keep trying Inkscape, but haven't created anything on my own yet! Maybe someday (sigh). Thanks again! Donna

  2. Tamara....These files are AMAZING!!!! Wonderful job and thank you so much for sharing!!!!
    Penny Duncan

  3. Thanks Tamara, you are a darling!!


  4. Lovely border. I have plans to use as a mask with distress inks.

    Thanks so much.