Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cards, Cards Cards!

Here is a card that I made using a freebie Digi Stamp from Dustin Pike. The caption says "Like a Kite, You Lift Me Up." I kinda borrowed and rephrased the caption from someone else's card using this image. I loved it! The swirly background gives it a look of the sky. I used a q-tip and some blue chalk and swirled it around. The dew drops are made from hot glue that is painted with pink pearl nail polish. Once again, this was an idea that I got from Lindsay. Man that girl is talented!

This is an image I found through google. It is supposed to be a coloring page, but I used it as a digi stamp. The caption is 3-D.

On both of these cards I used one-sided patterned paper and glued them back to back to create the effect of double sided paper. Thanks again Lindsay for the great idea!

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