Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AARGGHHH! I'm so annoyed! Read this!

You would not believe the nerve of some people. I sold a card on ebay this morning and was so excited, then I read the note that the buyer sent along with the payment:

"Hello I need to recieve this card before August 21st.. To be honest with you I would NEVER buy this card because it is ugly beyond words.. But.. I am going to give it to my mom for her birthday and tell her it was the most crappy card on eBay... Anyways please ship my card as soon as possible and enjoy my $5 which was probably 99.8% profit to you. Thanks."

The nerve of some people! Can you believe how rude they are? Here is the card that I sold. It was one that I posted a while back, but I converted it to a birthday card for ebay. It is meant to be funny, but the buyer thought it was "ugly" and "crappy". I would never tell anyone that about their work, even if I was thinking it. Everyone deserves a little respect when it comes to their creativity. Don't you agree?


  1. That was just down right mean!! I'm soo sorry some people have to be such BIG jerks. Don't let it get to you they must have liked it or they wouldn't have bought it!

  2. I cannot believe that. If she didn't want the card she should have went to walmart and bought a generic card everyone could buy. I think the card was cute You have to have a sense of humor and I guess she is just a miserable person.Well don't let that get you down You are ver creative and I love all of your work.
    She is just jealous she can't produce the products you do.

  3. touche to the above comments...move on and go make more beautiful funny gorgeous work :)

  4. WOW that is just mean and wrong!

  5. That card cracks me up!...I love the character, where do I get her?


  6. The card is adorable and I completely get the sense of humor. Apparently the purchaser is an idiot.