Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog Award & Showing off....

Here is a beautiful blog award from Scrapping Mom that I got! Thanks girl! You are so kind! The rules for this award are that I must list five things I love and then pass it along to five other people.
Things I love in no particular order:
1. I love making things with scraps and creating things that are beautiful or funky and cool.
2. I am a 70's child at heart (even though I was born in '84). I love all things retro and any kind of 70's music!
3. I love to go on shopping trips with my mom and SIL to St. Louis. We have such a great time hanging out, just us girls.
4. I love watching my son play when he thinks no one is looking. It is so funny to hear the things he says and hear him talking to his toys. :)
5. I love going to the dirt track races. My parents own a machine shop where they build race engines for Late Models, Open wheel modifieds and drag cars. I love the smell of the dirt mixed with the alcohol in the gasoline burning off in the exhaust. I also love the rumble it puts in your body when you're sitting in the stands and the weird way it messes with the rhythm of your heart. It's exillarating.

Ok now for those who I am passing this blog candy on to:
1. Lindsay (the Frugal Crafter) -- I love her blog because no matter what she posts, she always has either a freebie or a great tip for crafters. I also love that she does so many different kinds of crafts, not just cards or scrapbooking, but jewelry and furniture decorating! Wow!
2. Lora (The Scrapbook Lady)- I love her blog because she so generously devotes so much time to creating fabulous svg files to give away to anyone who comes along. She also isn't afraid to try new things. She recently just started turning some of her svgs into digi stamps! Go girl! Way to be innovative!
3. Rowena (Crafts by Rowena)- I love her blog because she's always sharing her talents with scrapbooking techniques, sharing tutorials, sketches and svg files!
4. Brittany (Brittany's SVG Files)- I love her blog because she's always coming up with new and fabulous svg files for us to use for free! Thanks Brittany!
5. Dawn (Lost in Paper Scraps)-- I love love love Dawn's blog! She is such a talented artist! She doodles out these adorable digi stamps that she gives away for free and she's always showing off her talents with scraping and card making! Keep up the good work Dawn!

Now, I just had to show off this awesome card that was done by Katie at Creations by K8. She used this past Thursday's freebie, the drippy goo border on her card! It looks fabulous girl!


  1. Hey Tamara! THanks for the blog award and the kind words :) You made my day!!

  2. OH OH OH!! I forgot to mention ho absolutely COOL that Drippy Goo Border is!! Awesome card!!

  3. THANKS! This is awesome. Thanks for choosing me as one of the blog candy recipients! I really enjoy sharing with others.

  4. thanks Tamera! so nice of you to think of me;)