Saturday, August 29, 2009

Young Love....& and Funny Story

Here is a LO I did for the Scrapsketch challenge. I have really been in the mood to scrap lately. Expecially since i've discovered the joy of scraping using sketches. I tend to run out of LO ideas on my own, so these online sketches give me a little boost in creativity. I haven't scrapped any really old pictures lately, so when I ran across these, I just had to do it. These two pictures were taken in June 2000. It was 9 years ago. My husband and I were dating then. We were just kids. Wow. Amazing how time flies. There is actually a funny story behind the photo of us sitting on the bench. We were at a "Bennett Family Reunion". My husband's last name was Bennett. But it was a reunion of my family members, not his. haha. My grandmother's maiden name was Bennett. But my name was Tucker at the time. So when I took him to this reunion of mine, he was wearing an old baseball tshirt with "Bennett" on the back of it. We tried to stay seated on this bench so no one would see the name and then ask how he was related to the family. So instead we sat there watching everyone arrive to see if he recognized any of them (b/c he could be related to them). Well wouldn't ya know it...a lady walked by and he's like "oh crap" I know her. He wasn't sure how, but he just knew she was a relative of his (he's not good with names). So to make a long story short, we were sweating it out, worried if we'd have to break up after finding out that we were related, but turns out that we were only linked by this one lady who was only related to me through marriage (no blood kin). haha. We laugh about that story everytime we see this photo. So the small circle caption on the page says: "We were thinking...I hope we're not related...this could get really weird".
9 Years Ago...
This is now...

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