Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Bonus Freebie from LSS & A New Use for Your Cricut!

Apparently our mistake makes this your lucky day! We thought we'd give out all the DT freebies, but there's still one more! So browse the DT's blogs below to find it!

This week I decided to finally use this beautiful Flourished Dragonfly stamp that I've been admiring ever since Lindsay created it. It is just stunning! I decided that I loved the black and white as is, so I just gave the dragonfly himself a little color and sparkle. He's coated in glitter and sparkle.
Don't forget to check out the links below to see who has the freebie this week!
----On to the New Use for Your Cricut!------
Do you see those stitched designs in the corners of this scrapbook LO? I did those with my circut! Don't believe me? Well this is how it works... You simply use the cricut to cut out the tiny holes just like you would any other svg. It is completely re-sizeable (just don't forget to choose "keep proportions". Then after the Cricut is finished, you have an embroidery template design and you may use a needle and some floss to fill complete the stitching. So easy a caveman could do it!
In case you'd like to try this technique I'm putting the three designs below in my store. Want to try before you buy? Check out the freebie Circle LO that I posted yesterday.
Another thing I might add, these are great to cut on on your cricut and then save for later. That way when your husband wants you to "spend time" with him, (for my husband that means watch tv w/him) you can sit and do the stitching then!

3 Flowers Template-- $3.00

This one would look great on a card! I plan to turn this one into a card when I get the time.


  1. Love that dragonfly stamp! And I adore the stitching info! I stitch A LOT so this would come in handy!

  2. Love the card! Simple and elegent! Your new stitching SVGs are great too, good luck!

  3. Very pretty card-and I like the idea of stitching on paper.

  4. I love your card!! I love that he sparkles! I love the stitching idea!! I'm still pretty clueless on scal!!! But I'm trying (haven't had alot of time to play with it but as soon as I get all the PB albums I'm working on done I'm going to start focusing more on it)I loved the circle one you did and saved it but I couldn't get it to open (may need help)

  5. Holy awesome creations, batman!!! For real, that dragonfly is amazing, and your stitching. dude.

  6. Very cool card! I love this dragonfly.

  7. I love the idea of the stitching cut files. I wonder if templates for paper piercings would work.
    Thanks for sharing the file for the cute little car, too.

  8. What a pretty card! I love dragonflies, and yours is stunning, Tamara!

    Could I ask a favour? Is it possible to set your blog music player so that it doesn't automatically come on when people visit your blog? I listen to iTunes while I surf, and the two songs playing at once makes a horrendous racket! LOL

  9. Love your card! The sparkles give it just enough bling. Great idea for using the cricut. When my hubby wants me to spend time with him, it's usually to watch tv too! Must be a man thing...

  10. You did an amazing job with that dragonfly. Love the limited use of color because it really makes the design pop! and your cricut embroidery is so cool!

  11. Your dragonfly is gorgeous, love the colors!