Monday, November 23, 2009

Bottlecap Jewelry

Today I thought I'd share with you what I've been up to all weekend. I got my shipment of bottlecaps and stuff in the mail and I've been playing all weekend. Here are some of what I came up with. I'm going to put them in my craft booth for sale. I have ribbon necklaces to go with them. I apologize for the horrendously blurry photos, but my camera has about had it. I'm getting a new one for Christmas *hopefully*. So keep your fingers crossed, but for now you get the idea.

The bottlecaps and the Glaze Drops came from Sun & Moon Craft Kits. Apparently their store is closed over Thanksgiving break, but you'll have to check them out when they return! They have some great deals! I was able to make these for under $1.00 each. Maybe even less than that!
Anyways, the way I did it was I printed my images, cut them into 1" circles and then used fabri-tac (any tacky glue would work) to attach them to the bottle cap. Then I placed one of the "Glaze Drops" over the top to give it a bubbled up effect. So easy!


  1. These are awesome! I love playing with bottlecaps!

  2. Very cute bottlecaps. I like them all. Amazing, I would like to have some. Thank you for the post.