Thursday, November 26, 2009

Boot Camp - Marine Corps Scrapbook

Finished another page today! I'm just squeezing them in right and left lately. This one is just pictures of my hubby on his graduation day packing up his stuff.

I used today's sketch from Crafts by Rowena.
I also thought I'd share with you the most cheesy card I've ever made (on purpose that is). This is the card that I gave my hubby for our 5 year anniversary. I didn't feel like doing anything "mushy" this year, so I remembered this free svg that I got from Mamaw's Legacy. I thought it was hilarious and I've just been waiting for the right moment to make it. I did do one thing differently though, I gave them cutesy eyes. That was not included in the svg from Mamaw.
Here is the little poem that I made up on the fly to go inside. Whatdya think? Haha I know what you're thinking, I should keep my day job. haha but I'm a SAHM. hehe.


  1. LOL!! Cute though! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. I am a poet myself but my stuff is very intense. The poem is so light and funny. I like it.

    Congratulations on becoming a member of the scrap and stamp design team. They are very lucky to have you.