Thursday, November 26, 2009

Digi Stamps & Bottlecap Jewelry!

Before I get to my project, I just wanted to announce that today is my 5th anniversary with my husband!

This week I've been making more things for my craft booth and it suddenly occured to me that digi stamps would look great on bottlecaps! So I did these two as an experiment! They turned out great!

I first printed my digis at about 1" and then colored them with my Bic Mark Its. Then I put one Glaze Drop on top of each one to give them a bubbled effect. Then I cut around the glaze drop to remove the excess paper. Then I used some Diamond Glaze to adhere the bubbled image to the bottlecap. Very easy to do! I purchased both my glaze drops and bottle caps here. Their store is closed for Thanksgiving.


  1. How cute these are! What a fantastic idea to do for like a little girls birthday party project. Awesome Tamara!

  2. that is the coolest thing! I have loads of bottle caps and paper glaze, I'll surley try this;) happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!
    I love your bottle caps. they came out great

  4. These are awesome! I will have to try this!

  5. Yeah..looking incredible. It is looking very cute. My daughter relly liked it. I want to buy some of pieces.