Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here is another layout I did using yet another sketch from Crafts by Rowena. Like I said before, I'm in a scrappin mood. Here are some more pics of me in high school. Back then I used Colorsilk blonde hair dye every so often to keep my dirty blonde roots out of sight. So I titled this one Blondie because that is what I think of when I see these pictures. Terrible bottle blonde dye and poofy bangs. I'm glad I've matured out of this style. Too bad I'm not still that skinny! And to think that back then I thought I needed to loose weight!

1 comment:

  1. Great layout Tamara!! I haven't scrapped any pictures of me "back in the day" hee hee! I was alot skinnier (not sure thats a word hee hee)and I always thought I needed to lose also! Now I would give ANYTHING to be that size again!! Love the paper you chose and that's a neat sketch!