Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Get Well Card for Riley

Hello again! Two posts in one day! haha. Here is my get well card for Riley, the cancer patient who made a special request to "Make a wish foundation". She simply asked for a mailman to drop a bag full of get well cards on her bed when she returned from treatment. So her is my card! I really really enjoyed making this one. It certainly makes a difference when you know who you're going to send the card to. I definately enjoy it more that way. I wanted to make it as girly as I could.
It all started with this butterfly image that I found online. I converted it to an svg (it's tomorrows freebie Thursday). Then I was playing around with my cricut markers which I've had for quite sometime but I've neglected them. I drew the image, then used the "shadow" feature to cut around it. Then I decided it was still too plain, so I used purple stickles to fill in the space between the marker lines. I loved the end result so much better. Then finally I colored some tiny gems to make them match the pink and dressed it up a bit.


  1. What a cute card Tami. It's for a great cause too.


  2. Your card is WONDERFUL! Is there a chance you could email me the address so I can send Riley a card as well? I would also like to add a post to my blog letting others know about this, is that a possibility? Riley could have asked for anything, I love that she asked for cards, anyone that awesome deserves all the cards she can get.

  3. Very nice. Is that stickles you used on the butterfly?

  4. Your butterfly card is beautiful! I know Riley will love it!